Your at Home Retreat

What is a Special Care Home?

Special care homes in New Brunswick come in all shapes, sizes, functions and specialties. For those who cannot or do not choose to live at home, even with home support, there is a special care home that will meet their needs. For those with mental health issues, there are homes for whom that is their specialty in which, residents receive safe, loving and compassionate care.

Care is a continuum: care at home, then special care, then nursing home, in that order. In most cases the conversation mistakenly goes from Alternative Level of Care (ALC) to nursing home, skipping two important steps. Special care is not replacement for nursing homes but should be seen as a part of the continuum of care that can allow nursing homes to concentrate on level 3A care while getting the majority of others to lower cost alternative care.

For those who deal with chronic illness and need support, there is a home for them as well. Some homes do very well in caring for and supporting persons with the challenges of colostomies and other issues that challenge daily living. Special care homes have access to the extramural hospital system that provides high quality nursing and rehabilitative service as required. Each resident has access to his or her own family doctor as per prior to admission.

Mission Statement for the Retreat.

To provide a high quality of health care to vulnerable elders in a safe home-like environment.

This will be achieved by:

  • Promoting independence and self-reliance to the best of the ability of the resident.
  • Maintaining a high level of dignity, respect and caring to all residents with no judgements.
  • Working in a team atmosphere that promotes a home with laughter and learning at the core of its being.
  • Respecting that the resident and their family are our clients.

Due to COVID 19 visitor restrictions please enjoy a video tour of the property and facilities.

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Evening of Setember 16th, 2020, looking onto the back landscaped duck pond. Every year we have 16 various types of domesticated ducks, that the seniors can hand feed, cuddle with all while watching them grow from day old ducklings to adulthood. We also have, as part of the flock, one goose. The goose is raised from a one day old gossling with the one day old ducklings. Somewhere, about 10 weeks the one goose, by now at least three times the size becomes the matriarch of the clan, doesn't sleep all day, is the last featherly friend into the duck house at twilight, the first featherley out at 7:00 am, and then stands on guard all day.
Driveway Entrance
Serenity Garden

Part of our program is to ensure that residents get natural light to enhance production of Vitamin D, so critical in keeping healthy bones and  teeth.

We have the philosophy of wholistic wellness, what activities, diet, and interconnection with the medical system to enhance the quality of life.
Resident Entrance